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Dino Quaglietta
DQ in controlroom.jpg

Dino Quaglietta cut his teeth managing crews and technical operations for FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC with countless entertainment, sports, and news broadcasts to his credit. After years of managing network operations, Dino saw the need for a single turn-key video production company that would pool production management, crew, gear, and post-services to enable client visions.


20 years later DQ has traveled the continents directing, producing, and managing video content from a single-camera interview crew, scripted commercials to live multi camera events.

Speaking of multi camera production, Dino has logged hundreds of hours in the directors chair calling live or pre recorded content in corporate, fashion, music, sporting and entertainment genras. With a hands on approach to each project you can be sure that DQ will be there every step of the way.


Additionally, DQ owns an arsenal of gear to turn-key a project and can supply cameras, a Tricaster system and a production rack to cater to all budgets.


Corporate Town Hall

DQ Live Director Comp

Corporate Comp 

DQ/Crew 1 TV Comp

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